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"Tess was my student teacher at Tomahawk Creek Middle School this past school year.  She was very engaging with the students (grades 6-8) in regular chorus classes as well as in Boys Chorus (a before-school club of about 35 boys).  She is a very skilled vocalist and gladly shared her talents with the students, both to model for them and to encourage them on their musical journey.  She is professional and friendly in her interactions with students and faculty.  Working with her in the classroom setting was a real joy."

Nat Tuck- Choral Director at Tomahawk Creek Middle School, Chesterfield, VA.

Tess is the BEST! She is so passionate about teaching anybody at any age and level! She fully dedicates herself to her students and her craft, which is an absolute necessity when learning. She is truly the finest the area has to offer

Gloria Ramirez- Freelance Hornist and Educator, Richmond, VA.

I can’t even begin to talk about how fantastic Tess Ottinger is as a teacher. She was able to create a great relationship with me and my mom, so communication was extremely easy. All of her students were highly valued and she worked hard to make sure you were becoming a better singer, not just learning a song. If you want to learn about your voice, how it works, and become a technically advanced singer, Tess is most definitely the persons to take lessons from. She is super flexible and kind and made voice lessons fun but also informative. She is the first person to teach me about music theory as well as vocal techniques, which I think has really furthered my vocal career. If you are looking for a kind, supportive, and knowledgable teacher, I highly recommend Tess Ottinger!

Keely Seward- Former vocal student, Richmond, VA.

Tess was an exceptional teacher for our daughter's first lessons on the piano.  She has an enthusiastic, bubbly personality that is infectious and shines through when she is working with her students. Her emersion in the music world through her own musical interests brings an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and experience to her students. We feel very lucky to have been exposed to our first experience with piano lessons through Tess.

Ali Alexander- Parent of former piano student, Chesterfield, VA.

Tess has a wonderful way of making my normally anxious 12-year-old feel totally at-ease, by playing the role of “cool mentor.”  Having said that, it’s obvious that Tess has high expectations of her students and requires them to work hard to improve their skills.  She helped my daughter balance her love for music with the hard work it takes to excel at it.  We loved attending the recitals and watching the other students make noticeable progress, too, and we miss having her here in Richmond.

Joanna Avant- Parent of former vocal student, Richmond, VA.

We couldn't have been more thrilled with your development of Erica!  Your energy, enthusiasm, and positivity thoroughly motivated her!  Under your direction, her voice showed notable maturing in the months you worked with her.  She grew into a much more confident performer.  Her recital was a high point for us.

Suzanne and Rick Axtell- Parent of former vocal student, Richmond, VA.

Tess has helped me with multiple things such as tone, volume, breathing. Only after about a year, I noticed a big improvement in my voice. She is always willing to help with any music outside of voice lessons. Tess is clearly very hard-working and talented beyond her years. Voice like an angel; very wide range.
Contagious energy and only uses very positive reinforcement. She always helped me feel more confident in my singing. We were always able to fit so much into only a 30-minute lesson that no other teacher could do, but we could cover even more after switching to hour long lessons. Tess is easy to talk to/be around and has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and has specifically helped with my solo skills.

Erica Axtell- Former vocal student.

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