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Addition details regarding student expectations can be found in the "Studio Policies" document located under the "Documents" tab.


The studio's primary form of communication will be via email, so please be sure to check your email accounts regularly. Please let the instructor know if there needs to be any update to the provided email address. The instructor also ask for a phone number as a second means of communication. We know that learning to sing or play an instrument can be a difficult and strange profess, so please be in open and honest contact with your instructor from week to week. All concerns or commentary regarding lessons are listened to and valued, and all will be done to work with all students and guardians.


Vissi d'Arte Studios takes all private information given by students or guardians very seriously. Information is asked for only to enhance the student-teacher relationship; no information is redistributed or discussed.


Private lessons will be scheduled once registration is complete. Every effort will be made to accommodate your availability. If lesson times need to be switched, please contact the instructor at least two weeks before the change needs to take place. If you would like to change lesson times only temporarily, the previous lesson time will not be held open. Please be in communication with the instructor, if this is the case, to find the best solution.


Please see specific and important information regarding attendance and absences in the student handbook.


If you decide to stop taking lessons at Vissi d'Arte Studios at any time, you may do so--no questions asked. Please notify the instructor before payment is due in order to pay for the remaining lessons on an individual basis (please see "Payment Information" tab for further detail).


Agreement:  Students and guardians are expected to enter into a written agreement with Vissi d’Arte Studios and to abide by the Discontinuation Policy if they ever wish to end this agreement.

Indemnity:  Students/Guardians agree to indemnify Vissi d’Arte Studios and to hold and save Vissi d’Arte Studios harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, demands, loss, damages, or expenses of whatever kind or nature, including attorney’s fees, which may at any time be incurred by reason of participation in any activity at Vissi d’Arte Studios, or sponsored by Vissi d’Arte Studios at a separate location.

Studio Policies: FAQ
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