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Addition details regarding student expectations can be found in the "Student Expectations" document located under the "Documents" tab.


Daily practice is always ideal, but the length of time will vary depending on the student's age and chosen instrument. Students are expected to follow their instructor's directions for frequency and duration of practice sessions outside of weekly lessons.


Vissi d'Arte Studios expects students to carry themselves in a professional and positive manner. Expected conduct includes but is not limited to:

  • Arriving to lessons a few minutes early so the lesson can begin on time

  • Bringing all required materials in an organized fashion to each lesson

  • Actively listening and participating in the lesson

  • Maintaining an open, positive, and respectful attitude while in the lesson 

  • Having cell phones on silent or airplane mode and out of sight (unless specified for use) during the lesson

  • Staying focused for the lesson's duration


Specific materials will vary by instrument. In general, a water bottle, pencil, books, and a binder to hold music are usually the only suggested materials students should be prepared to bring for each lesson. Any other materials will be specified by the instructor.


Please be early to your lessons to assist the instructor in keeping to an efficient schedule. If a student arrives 10 or more minutes late, the instructor reserves the right to refuse that day's lesson, as well as refuse to schedule a makeup lesson depending on the specific situation. Lessons will not be extended for unexcused tardiness. If, however, the instructor runs over in a lesson by a few minutes, the appropriate amount of time will be added to the following lessons as needed.


Students are expected to provide their own sheet music once it is assigned. Please also provide a copy of the music to the instructor as needed. Sheet music resources are listed in the student handbook, as well as are discussed between the student and teacher when new repertoire is assigned.


Recitals will be held at least twice per calendar year. All students are strongly encouraged to participate. Working with other musicians (ie: a collaborative pianist) from outside Vissi d'Arte Studios is often necessary to help you perform to the best of your abilities. Further details, including addition compensation for collaborative musicians, will be outlined in the student handbook.

Student Expectations: FAQ
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